How Microsoft 365 has changed the modern office

Innovation, Integration and Collaboration  The creation of Microsoft’s productivity suite has completely transformed the modern office. Through Microsoft 365 cloud technology you can edit in real-time, access your work remotely and have the reassurance of Microsoft’s centralised security.    What is included in a Microsoft 365 Licence?    Top 5 features of Microsoft 365   1. […]

Microsoft Business Central – more than just Excel

Myth Busting D365 Business Central Many accountants have relied solely or partially on Microsoft Excel to assist in their role for decades, leading many firms to ask when the next legacy solution will arrive.    Enter Microsoft Dynamics.  Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has shifted their focus to collaboration and have invested in […]

Supercharge your meetings

Microsoft Whiteboard App Originally designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro the Whiteboard app became widely available earlier this year for web and within Microsoft Teams. You can now easily collaborate with people using Microsoft Whiteboard regardless of what device they’re using or if they have an app installed.  But what is the Microsoft Whiteboard App? […]

Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Release

Our top 5 features Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an application suite of ERP and CRM modules. This October saw the greatly anticipated Dynamics 365 Wave 2 release. The update gave users 400 new features and capabilities across Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. This is one of Microsoft’s largest release waves to date and we […]

Are you making the most of OneDrive?

Tips to boost your OneDrive experience   What is Microsoft OneDrive? OneDrive is Microsoft’s storage service facility for hosting files in the cloud. Although you can sign up for OneDrive for free, you gain more as an Office 365 customer. OneDrive has been designed to provide a simple solution to store and share various types […]

Farming for the future

How to start tapping into AI and the IoT Imagine climbing out of bed before dawn but instead of pulling on your boots and heading into the cold you simply check your PC for any urgent updates on your livestock or crops? This vision is a reality for many working in agriculture thanks to the […]

Marketing automation software, avoid these 5 pitfalls

5 Pitfalls When Selecting Marketing Automation Software When used correctly, technology will enable any company, large or small, to reach their goals. Unfortunately, some businesses have had bad experiences with marketing automation tools early on. The wrong strategies and investments will only create problems for both sales and marketing. To get things right from the […]