Is your business ready to scale up?  – Five Common IT Challenges 

Extended periods of rapid growth can be positive, however, whilst these periods are exciting, they can also create a whole host of new challenges. In this article we will delve into 5 common IT challenges that fast-growing businesses face, and how they can be solved with the help of a trusted provider. 


1 . Budgeting for Scaling Up 

As businesses grow, they will also need their systems to grow with them, including everything from software licenses to cloud servers. If businesses are not careful, their IT spend can get out of control, leaving them with a large invoice. Providers will typically be able to give a simple monthly cost per user, with everything included for the end-user and back-end set-up. IT providers can also proactively forecast the cost of larger projects, and the associated ongoing fees, making it easier for businesses to stick to their IT budget. 


2. Receiving Adequate IT Support 

As businesses grow, they have different requirements regarding IT infrastructure, as well as IT support. Having a third-party provider means that you can have access to on-hand support for users. This frees up your internal IT team and makes for a smoother adoption process and continued supported usage.  


3. Onboarding New Employees 

Hiring new employees on short notice is always a challenge. However, this is only made more difficult when there are new systems to learn. A trusted third-party provider can assist with the onboarding of new employees. This ensures that every employee receives the right training. 


4. Lacking Capital Expenditure 

In the early stages of rapid growth, businesses may not have sufficient cash to invest in upgrading IT systems and software to support the growth. Thankfully, with the rise of cloud solutions, businesses can move away from capital expenses and move to operational expenses. An IT provider can not only help with the implementation and deployment of cloud services and use cost management monitoring to ensure the business gets value from their cloud investment. 


5. Managing Customer Relationships 

Whilst small businesses can typically get away with using spreadsheets to store customer relationship information, this is not feasible once a business reaches a certain size. This can be solved through the implementation of a customer relationship management solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


How we can help 

If your business is currently going through a period of growth, or are planning on doing so, Monpellier are here to help. Avoid encountering these five IT challenges by contacting us and arranging a free session with one of our expert consultants who can advise you on the best solution for your business and budget.  

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