Financial Business Support

What help is available for my business? During these uncertain times increasing numbers of SMEs are under pressure to find support. Monpellier has gathered some of the top sources of help and advice at this time. Information regarding financial SME support is changing rapidly. Here are the current schemes and options available as of 1st […]

5 top tips to keep employee engagement high

 How to keep your team together while working remotely Managing remote employees can be difficult, but with the addition of a global pandemic, this task has become a lot harder. Although many organisations have been geared up for remote working for a while, many businesses have been thrown into the transition leaving teams disjointed in […]

Is your team communicating effectively?

What is Microsoft SharePoint and how can it help me? When it comes to communication within the workplace, technology continues to reshape the way we collaborate. But with an app for almost everything these days some businesses are suffering from communication fatigue. Make no mistake, technology is an amazing addition to any workplace but only […]

Are you making the most of OneDrive?

Tips to boost your OneDrive experience   What is Microsoft OneDrive? OneDrive is Microsoft’s storage service facility for hosting files in the cloud. Although you can sign up for OneDrive for free, you gain more as an Office 365 customer. OneDrive has been designed to provide a simple solution to store and share various types […]

Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution

The age of automation Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution, (the first industrial revolution involved mechanisation through water and steam, the second electricity and the third nuclear power). The fourth industrial revolution is all about the internet and emerging technologies such as the Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. In summary, Industry 4.0 […]