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Boost your customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365  

Three ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 can enhance customer experience   

Customer experience is how customers perceive their interaction with a company. A good customer experience means positive, memorable interactions. While all businesses aim for a good customer experience, tailoring specific adverts and interactions can mean the difference between customers choosing your company and choosing a competitor.  

Here are Monpellier’s tips on how Dynamics 365 can boost your customer journey at every point.  


Understanding Customers  

Understanding your customer is the first step to providing excellent service. Many customers will interact with your advertisements, social media posts and email newsletter. By tracking and storing their data such as demographics, interests, and parts of the website they have visited, you can deliver a personalised customer experience.  

For example, if the data reveals they are interested in a certain topic, then you can tailor your newsletter or content to cover it. Doing this makes the customer feel understood and cared for resulting in a higher chance of a conversion.  

Microsoft dynamics 365 gathers data from multiple sources allowing businesses to create individual profiles for all customers. Gain insights into their interest, and past interactions, and tailor your marketing methods to specific people.  


Market At the Right Time  

There are many reasons why an audience may leave after adding a product to a basket. Finding out the reasons is part of optimising the customer journey but retargeting the audience can push them to buy.  

For example, if a customer viewed a product but decided to buy, as a marketer, you may send them a follow-up advert. Another way to retarget is to send an automated email with a special discount (if they are signed up to receive marketing materials).  

You can create and automate email campaigns on Dynamics 365. It features a low code/no-code platform so anyone can design and automate emails such as welcome emails, retargeting emails, and newsletters. Add dynamic text such as the recipient’s name to personalise the email. Create different segments to market to the most relevant audience in your email list. 


Effective Communication  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the bonus of Virtual Agents. Virtual Agents uses chatbots to handle easy-to-answer questions to help speed up response times and free up your support staff for more complicated enquires. Dynamics 365 provides context with past contacts and current issues for the live agent. Live agents can make use of the transcript for instant reference and seamlessly connect with colleagues for further support without leaving the call. 

Customer experience is essential for business success and reputation. With the extensive features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can better understand your customers throughout the customer cycle stages, guiding them at each point.  

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Dynamics 365 Wave 2 Release

Our top 5 features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an application suite of ERP and CRM modules. This October saw the greatly anticipated Dynamics 365 Wave 2 release. The update gave users 400 new features and capabilities across Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. This is one of Microsoft’s largest release waves to date and we wanted to highlight our favourite aspects that produce proactive insight and drive intelligent action. 


Top 5 Updates

  1. Security – Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection is now available and provides a powerful solution that reduces fraud costs. To learn more about how Microsoft has used this technology to reduce fraud-related costs by millions of pounds in just two years visit – LINK
  2. User Interface Business Central has seen the biggest change when it comes to user interface. New features including additional bookmarking capabilities, autofit columns, department overview functionality and the ability to work on multiple Business Central tabs at once are now fully available.    
  3. AI ApplicationsWave 2 sees the addition of two more AI applications, Product Insights and Connected Store. Product Insights transforms product development, marketing, sales and support by acting on real-time insight relating to customer usage while Connected Store uses data from cloud-connected sensors. 
  4. Scan a Note The new update allows you to take your meeting notes (as usual) with a pen and paper, you can then scan these notes straight into Dynamics 365. The sophisticated application then reads your handwriting turning it into an editable note that is stored against the potential customer. This allows you to keep all valuable information in one place insuring your sales team never misses an opportunity. 
  5. Virtual Agent Good customer service can take a lot of physical time but with the wave 2 release, your customer service team has a helping hand. Intelligent AI-powered robots have been designed with the ability to chat with customers, thereby improving speed and overall service. 

Microsoft recorded their entire virtual launch event which you can watch by clicking the LINK

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Monpellier 

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Marketing automation software, avoid these 5 pitfalls

5 Pitfalls When Selecting Marketing Automation Software

When used correctly, technology will enable any company, large or small, to reach their goals. Unfortunately, some businesses have had bad experiences with marketing automation tools early on. The wrong strategies and investments will only create problems for both sales and marketing.

To get things right from the start with this type of software, here are five of the most common marketing pitfalls to avoid.

1. The lack of Meaningful Investments

Many executives make the mistake at focusing too much on technology pricing before considering long-term value. As a result of this, they allow for the unsupported implementation of poor-quality automation tools.

It’s important to do some serious research before selecting the first tool which will meet your budgeting expectations. Get everyone on board to choose the right tool without compromising too much on price.

2. Don’t automate the wrong activities

You can and should always automate:

  • Contact management
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing
  • Content posting

Did you know that you can even automate follow-up scheduling for sales representatives? On the flip side, try not to automate every communication channel. Your audience will soon begin to notice when communications are “canned”.

Make sure to balance automated activities with live interactions from staff members. Within your organisation, get every marketing, sales and customer success agent involved.

3. The lack of strategic focus

It’s essential to understand the connection between marketing and sales. The right combination will have you on your way to being able to fully capitalise on the automated marketing process.

If you don’t have proven methodology, automating the process won’t change the results. The lack of strategic focus can only highlight any existing dysfunction.

4. Separating marketing and sales professionals

At the end of the day, marketing automation can only do so much. To really succeed, businesses should encourage marketing and sales team’s collaboration to generate qualified leads and then follow them through.

When it comes to the digital world, the lines between marketing and sales are still a little blurred. Professional collaboration can improve marketing tool utilisation which in turn drives revenue strings.

5. Don’t use unhelpful benchmarks

The right measurements can have a major impact on the efficiency of marketing automation. In terms of online engagement analytics, quality comes ahead of quantity. It’s essential to make sure your measurement tactics focus on consumers who are likely to convert rather than those who may be identified as low-quality leads.

Why not try targeting conversion pathways? This will provide the number of sales you generate from each marketing pathway. Stay clear of unhelpful benchmarks which will only have a detrimental effect on your business.

  • There are also a number of other pitfalls to avoid involving marketing automation software such as:-
  • Insufficient knowledge of technology and processes
  • Insufficient integration with the CRM system
  • Insufficient attention to cooperation and strategy
  • Not enough support from the IT Department

Make no mistake, marketing automation has the potential for success. When used correctly, it will keep your business moving forward. Get in touch with us today!