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Optimise your logistics with Microsoft Power Apps

3 logistical areas Power Apps can help with 

Working in logistics? Microsoft Power Apps gives you the power to design solutions that can optimise your processes from customer experience to delivery processes. Customers or employees can access Power Apps via mobile, tablets or desktop for remote access and to prevent data silos from forming. 


Monpellier explores three areas Power Apps can be applied. 


Create a Power Apps portal for customers 

You can create portals using Power Apps for customers to connect with your business. They can set up an account with a delivery method, address, and payment options for a faster and seamless experience.  

When processing the delivery requests, Power Apps can automatically generate tracking numbers, shipping labels, invoice documents and other necessary documents to save time. 

Customers can check the progress of delivery within the portal through geolocation of the delivery vehicle and the number of drop-offs before arriving at the destination.  


Create Power Apps for delivery drivers 

Monpellier can create specific apps for different areas of your business. Everyone (with the correct permission) can access the data and see changes for faster and more effective communication. 

Delivery drivers can utilise Power Apps features when scanning the barcode for pick-up or drop-off. Power Apps automatically recognises the barcode and updates the status of delivery on the database. 

Power Apps can use a combination of geolocation tracking and AI to predict actual times when the delivery driver picks up the goods or drops them off.  


Create Power Apps to manage parcel storage and security 

Goods can be easily tracked using parcel numbers allowing for full traceability from the customer to the warehouse. Automatically assign a location code of the warehouse based on customer details and delivery service to the parcel number for better organisation. 

Create individual employee accounts to monitor the actions such as transactions, location changes etc. This will improve accountability and allows employers to identify new training opportunities. 

You can set up permissions to protect sensitive information such as customer and employee details. Management can specify who can access certain data and the ability to change the data.  


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