Pegasus Software

Pegasus is a market-leading suppliers of financial software, payroll systems and business software solutions in the UK. Its products and services are used by small and medium-sized businesses who require business software in order to improve the way they work.

Monpellier is a Pegasus Partner which means we sell and support Pegasus solutions to companies in the North East, Cumbria and Scotland. Our experienced and highly dedicated team will guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to instillation, training and after-sales service and support.

Pegasus systems can be used by various businesses in various industries whether manufacturing, distribution, retail, education, wholesale, transport, construction or professional services. Speak to one of our experience Business Software Consultants who will provide you with a product that is right for your business, and that will do exactly what you want it to do.

Pegasus Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 3 is a complete business solution that helps you fully integrate all departments in your business, eliminating the need to run separate finance, payroll, CRM or service systems.


This inter-departmental integration software works on a modular basis, allowing you to build the specific solutions you need to suit your particular business. You can buy what you want, when you need it, and expand the solutions as your business grows. Our experienced Business Software Consultants will work with you to find the best modules for your specific industry and business requirements.


Opera 3 can give everyone in your company a unified view of the business. Even your mobile workforces can access information when they are out of office via web browser applications, PDAs and other remote tools such as Pegasus Web Xchange.


With an array of flexible payment options, you can purchase Opera 3 on its own, opt for subscription, run the software on-premise or have it hosted in our cloud.



Supply Chain Management

Payroll & HR

Web Xchange

Customer Relationship Management

Document Management

Business Intelligence

Service & Helpdesk Management


All Monpellier Opera 3 clients are offered the free Utility Pack add-on. The add-on pack is designed to save you time and make your daily processes easier.


Monpellier are constantly looking for ways to improve our clients experience to ensure their solution is as effective as possible. After extensive customer research Monpellier compiled a list of functions that clients wished to see within Opera and created our ‘Opera 3 Utility Pack’. If you currently use Opera 3 but are not a Monpellier customer you are still entitled to the pack free of charge upon moving your annual maintenance contact and licencing to Monpellier.

Stock Code Rename – This utility allows you to rename any stock code and change all the corresponding transactions (current or historical) . This can be done for a single stock item or a group of stock items
Stock Code Delete – This utility allows you to delete stock codes which cannot be deleted using standard Opera 3 functionality
Historical Orders – This utility allows you to raise sales orders for customers based on what they have bought historically, making the order taking function more pro-active
Copy Quote – This utility allows you to copy any quote, even to a different customer account
Copy Order – This utility allows you to copy any sales order, even to a different customer account
Copy Purchase Order – This utility allows you to copy any purchase order, even to a different supplier account

Pegasus Business Cloud

Pegasus Cloud is a complete business solution which enables businesses to manage their financial, supply chain, payroll & HR and business intelligence needs. This easy to use cloud based software allows users to access valuable information online, at the office or on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.


With an online business solution like Pegasus Business Cloud, you no longer need local servers, storage, networking, or to buy hardware or software. A cloud based solution allows you to free up valuable office space, reduce associated costs, and eliminate security and back-up issues, all at a low monthly fee.

Key Features

Reduce your total cost of ownership – No need to upgrade your hardware or IT infrastructure and no local servers are required

Integrates with your Windows applications – Microsoft Office 2013 is included as standard. You͛ll get Outlook, Word and Excel running in the cloud

Pay monthly with no up-front cost – You pay monthly and reduce overhead cost

Share data across your business – With your software hosted in the cloud you have access to your data anywhere at any time

Ensure security and reliability 24-7 – Data is UK hosted in an IS0 27001 secure data centre with back ups to a second UK based data centre

Flexibility to grow – Opera 3 is scalable so new users and applications can be added quickly and easily to support business growth

Accelerate implementation – You’ll be up and running quickly with local support from Monpellier

Support and training from Monpellier – You are not alone. Monpellier is on hand to provide training and support

Pegasus Business Cloud has been designed to

Speed decision making based on accurate information
Provide a single integrated system
Improve visibility across your entire business
Reduce customer debts and improve your cash flow
Enable you to operate in a multi-site environment and share real-time information
Simplify and automate your payroll processes with HMRC PAYE Recognised software
Handle payments in multiple currencies if you trade internationally

Pegasus CIS Construction

Pegasus CIS (Construction Industry Solutions) is an unbeatable project management solution for businesses in the construction industry which need support in delivering on time and within budget.


Construction software helps make projects manageable and more profitable by providing an unmatched level of control over every aspect of contract management, including subcontractors, suppliers, stock, employees, payroll, contract sales ledger, purchase ledger, nominal ledger and cash book.

CIS Software

Contract Costing – Phases, job heads, cost and revenue transactions, committed costs, actual/budget variance, CVR reporting

Contract Purchasing – Bill of Requirements, purchase orders, Goods Received Notes, Purchase Invoice Register, committed costs

Labour – Timesheet entry, posting to Payroll, on-costs from Payroll

Plant Hire – Internal and external plant hire, On hire/Off hire, plant returns, overdue plant, transfer plant between Jobs

Contract Sales – Valuations/measurement, payment applications and certificates, invoicing, aged debt, retention, main contractor discount, deferred VAT

Stock Control – Monitor stock levels and movement, allocate and issue stock to jobs and management reporting

Integrated Accounting – Links with Pegasus Opera 3 and Opera II, Sage 50 and Sage 200

CIS Subcontractors – Online verification, subcontractor orders, invoices/applications/timesheets, payment certificates and statements, online CIS300 monthly return, self-billing, authenticated VAT receipts

Key Features

Gives full control over every aspect of contracts

Produces job performance and profit reports to any level

Suitable for small, medium and large-volume installations

Links to the market-leading accounting systems

Presents data in the way you want to see it

Pegasus Web Xchange

Mobile Sales via Pegasus Web Xchange is a dedicated sales app that will change the way your orders are taken and processed. If you have a sales team on the road, Pegasus Mobile Sales will be an invaluable tool for them to take sales orders on their mobile devices. The salesperson can showcase products to the customer, take the order and send it securely back to the office to be authorised and uploaded into Opera 3 Sales Order Processing.

What’s New?

We sat down to talk to our Director, Ray Walton, to get into the nitty gritty about Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE.

We wanted to give you the low down on what Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE is, and everything you need to know about it!

What is Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

Pegasus Opera 3 SQL is the next generation of the Pegasus Opera family. It relies on an SQL database to take full advantage of modern technology. The fact that the data is now stored in SQL means that there is no limit on data size like there was previously on the old FoxPro databases.

The new technology that SQL brings means that it will be easier for integration into other products. It will be more “industry standard”.

What does Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE do?

The initial look and feel of the new product is similar to the existing product, meaning that there will be an easy progression for the end user from Opera 3 to Opera 3 SQL SE, similar to the progression from Opera to Opera II through to Opera 3.

However, there are still a lot of changes. Many of the process hungry functions are now being moved and they will be scheduled to run on the server, either at the point of request or at a later time. This model means there is less network traffic which allows the increased efficiency overall.

What features does Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE boast?

The initial release will include all of the financial modules, as well as the commercial modules including: sales order processing, purchase order processing and stock. This version of SQL is at the quality assurance stage at the moment, and is being thoroughly tested by partners, such as ourselves, who have been chosen to be involved in testing the programme.

We should expect the first release around May 2018. The roadmap indicates that other modules are intended to be brought in on a regular basis, starting with payroll, hopefully in time for the April 2019 payroll year end.

How can businesses benefit from Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

There are many benefits that the new version of SQL SE brings! The first benefit is that the business is no longer restricted to the size of the data they can retain. Currently, there is a 2GB data size limit per file. This means some customers have to archive data and re-organise it to keep their data size manageable, but with Pegasus SQL, this will no longer be an issue.

The use of the “scheduled services” means that tasks can be scheduled outside of working hours. In previous versions of Pegasus Opera, some of the re-organisation routines would lock users out of the system whilst they were running. However, with the scheduler, these routines can be set to run out of hours so they do not disrupt the normal flow of the business.

Why should a business use Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

Opera 3 SQL will be the future of the product. Pegasus are already planning the next version of SQL, which will be a true 64-bit application. As technology moves on at an ever-increasing rate, everybody needs to be prepared for the future.

By choosing Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE, businesses will be investing in the future, making sure they are in a position to function and collaborate on a level playing field alongside everyone else by using the latest technologies.

Can you extract data from Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

Businesses can struggle to extract data from the current Opera 3 system as the extraction tools for Microsoft Visual FoxPro databases are not exactly common, especially in the new versions of Office.

Currently, users would rely on Pegasus XRL which is an excellent reporting tool. However, moving forward, the data will be in an SQL database which is industry standard. Writing SQL views and extracting data from an SQL is something that will be familiar to many IT managers and developers, and the extraction of SQL data into Excel is something that can be done in minutes.

Can Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE work on-premise and in the cloud?

Pegasus SQL can be installed on-premise or in the cloud. Cloud based installations are becoming much more popular now. With a cloud based solution, there is no need to review expensive servers every few years, therefore, there is less need for hardware support which can also reduce costs.

Business continuity and remote workers are a major factor in the decision-making process. In the future, more and more workers will work from home or will work non-traditional hours, so a hosted environment means that they can work from wherever they like, whenever they like.

In terms of business continuity, a hosted solution means there is less likelihood of being majorly effected by external business factors. One of our customers was seriously effected by the floods the other year, and the room where they used to keep the servers was flooded. Fortunately for them, their whole business process was hosted in our data centre, and their technology interruption was minimal.

How does the reporting in Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE work?

As the data is now stored in SQL databases, we can look at using new reporting tools. Microsoft Power BI is becoming more and more popular and a link to a Pegasus SQL database would be simple. As Microsoft push this offering along with their Office 365 suite, the distribution and access to financial data will become much easier.

Is Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE fully integrated with Pegasus Opera 3, or is it a separate programme?

Pegasus SQL will be an upgrade to Pegasus Opera 3. It will fully replace the existing product. Most bespoke routines and integrations will be transported across, but some changes to existing bespoke routines may be required as some processes move over to the server side.

Does the database automatically get upgraded, or is manual rekeying needed?

Pegasus provide a conversion tool, as they have in the past, which will take any existing data, validate it to remove corruption and errors, then import it into the new SQL databases. There will be no need for rekeying or lengthy export/import routines as compared to moving to a completely different software package.

What support, if any, is needed for Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

Users shouldn’t notice any difference in the level of support required when moving from Pegasus Opera 3 to SQL SE. The general look and feel is familiar, screens have been refreshed to look a little more up to date, but the general day-to-day processing of transactions is still the same.

Do you need a certain bandwidth to effectively use Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

If you are going to use any product in the cloud, then bandwidth needs to be taken into consideration. If you are in the middle of a rural area with terrible communications, then the cloud can be a serious contender.

On Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE, can you stored privileged data securely?

Microsoft SQL is used as the data storage engine for a great number of software products. The level of data access can be configured very easily down to an individual level.

How much storage provision is needed for Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE?

SQL Express has a maximum database size of 10GB, whereas a full blown SQL can handle databases of an enormous size, a size far beyond anything we are used to in relation to a Pegasus Opera 3 database.