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Pegasus Opera 3 Integration

Monpellier are experienced Pegasus partners and have worked with our customer base of Opera 3 users to create additions that improve their solution and make their working days simpler and easier. Through working closely with our customers we noticed a need for SharePoint integration and that this link could play a fundamental role in the daily lives of users. 


What is SharePoint Online?

SharePoint is part of Microsoft 365 and allows you to share and manage content, knowledge and applications within your organisation. It’s easy to use and allows quick, seamless collaboration across departments. Find out more about SharePoint by clicking HERE 


Our Solution 

Monpellier customers who use Opera 3 have the option to add our custom-built Utility Pack to their Opera solution. The latest version of our unique Utility Pack includes SharePoint integration. The integration gives the user the choice to automatically archive all documents published from Opera 3 to SharePoint. These documents can be archived into the folders of your choosing and are saved automatically as PDFs. This process means that team members (with the right permissions) can access any of these documents on-demand through SharePoint Online using an internet-ready device. This could include orders, delivery notes, invoices, credits, statements, remittances, quotes, etc. With the new Utility Pack, you will also be able to add additional documents that will be accessible via new menu options within Sales, Purchase, SOP, POP and CRM. 


What is the Monpellier Utility Pack?

After extensive customer research Monpellier compiled a list of functions that clients wished to see within Pegasus Opera 3 and created our ‘Utility Pack’. If you currently use Opera 3 but are not a Monpellier customer you are still entitled to the pack free of charge upon moving your annual maintenance contract and licencing to Monpellier.

The Utility Pack adds functionality such as:

  • Stock Code Rename – This utility allows you to rename any stock code and change all the corresponding transactions (current or historical). This can be done for a single stock item or a group of stock items
  • Stock Code Delete – This utility allows you to delete stock codes that cannot be deleted using standard Opera 3 functionality
  • Historical Orders – This utility allows you to raise sales orders for customers based on what they have bought historically, making the order taking function more proactive
  • Copy Quote – This utility allows you to copy any quote, even to a different customer account
  • Copy Order – This utility allows you to copy any sales order, even to a different customer account
  • Copy Purchase Order – This utility allows you to copy any purchase order, even to a different supplier account


If you’re a Pegasus Opera 3 user but are not currently a Monpellier customer please do get in CONTACT to discuss our services and support further and for a free no-obligation quote to switch. 


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