Use Microsoft Power Platform to Enhance your Operations

Use Microsoft’s power platform to enhance your operations

The Microsoft power platform offers the opportunity to digitally transform your operations with a combination of:

  • PowerApps
  • Flow
  • Power BI

These easy to use functions can improve the way you access and automate your data. In terms of your organisation, these functions will allow you to see where you’re at and how to implement them in order to enhance business operations.

To get the best leverage out of the Microsoft power platform, ask yourself the following questions. How can the Microsoft power platform:

Microsoft Power Platforms Improve Staff Effectiveness

Do you have users who require access to data from multiple systems in order to complete their daily workload? As your employees service your prospects and customers they will probably be accessing and updating data in multiple locations. This could include:

  • Tracking sales in CRM software
  • Marketing in marketing automation software
  • Accounting in ERP software
  • Customer service in ticketing software

Microsoft’s Power Platform, Flow, Power Apps and Power BI will enable you to improve staff effectiveness whatever data they require access to.

Automate Notifications and Transactions

Do you spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks, moving data between systems, sending notifications and transactions? Microsoft’s Flow can perform these tasks automatically for you and free up time so you can do other things. Notifications and transactions can be automated with the power of Flow.

Flow and Power BI also work well together. If one of your repetitive tasks is to alert people on particular data, then Flow and Power BI can do that for you.

Microsoft Power Platforms Enhance Decisions Oversight

Do you have business processes which lack oversight and approval? During different stages in a customer lifecycle, key decisions need to be made. This can occur where customer-facing employees don’t possess the know-how in making the right decision at the time in question. For instance, let’s say an employee is trying to close a sales deal. He or she might heavily discount one area to get the deal without understanding the impact of that discount to your business. With the Microsoft power platform, you can build review and approval into your business process. This will allow a manager to receive notification of a quote and approval or reject the quote before it actually gets to the customer.

Optimise Operational Reporting

Do you or your employees spend hours compiling data from multiple sources to obtain operational reporting? Do the reports differ from your colleagues in other departments due to different data sources? It can be very time consuming to compile operational reports. This time could be used to focus on other areas of your organisation like:-

  • Business strategy
  • Marketing strategies
  • Customer feedback

With Microsoft’s Power BI you will be able to build a dashboard and transform your data to create visuals. These can be used to optimise operational reporting while combining data from multiple sources. If your data is in unrelated systems, you can leverage Flow and CDS to compile any relevant data automatically before reporting through Power BI.

So there we have it. Microsoft’s power platform can transform your operations to save you time while improving the effectiveness of your staff.

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