Does your intranet solution feel outdated?

Enter a new age of integration with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

2020 has been more than challenging for most businesses, and as a second national lockdown gets underway we certainly have more obstacles to overcome. According to 60% of UK workers are now working from home, meaning that businesses have had to rapidly change their systems and processes to accommodate this new normal. 

A common theme that has arisen is the need for fluid integration. Companies are leaning towards intuitive solutions that can cope with flexibility and work seamlessly with existing solutions. For this reason, SharePoint and Teams (working in unison) have provided companies with an affordable, powerful intranet replacement. 

But can the pair really replace your historic intranet? We’ve collected some of our commonly asked questions to help you decide. 


Should I use Microsoft Teams or SharePoint?

The answer here is simple, if you are using Teams you are already using SharePoint you just may not realise it. Microsoft Teams is built into Office 365. Each Team you create is classed as a ‘Group’. Groups can have collaboration tools including shared calendars, documents and mailboxes. When a Group is created, a SharePoint team site is automatically created. This use of SharePoint is limiting, SharePoint is an incredibly powerful tool which can be developed into much more. 

A good way to understand the division between Teams and SharePoint is that Teams facilitates cooperation on a personal level and SharePoint facilitates cooperation on an organisational level.


Will SharePoint be able to match the functionality of my current intranet?

With over 100 million users worldwide SharePoint is certainly one of the most popular intranets and although popularity doesn’t always translate to the right option for your organisation it does highlight how universally loved the solution is. One of the benefits of SharePoint is that it gives your business a huge variety of options. Yes, you can use SharePoint out of the box, but it can be developed, and with Microsoft Power Automate (formally Microsoft Flow) automated workflows can effortlessly boost productivity within your organisation.

Furthermore, due to SharePoint’s adoption growth over the past 12 months, you can be assured that continuous work will be done by both Microsoft and third parties to develop and support the application.


Can SharePoint and Teams help improve communication?

Communication is certainly more seamless with SharePoint and Teams. The applications working together can engage users across the whole organisation, make it easier to collaborate on projects and documents, store information and run meetings. 

SharePoint contains a company-wide calendar to help organise events, key dates and holidays as well as team news channels that your employees can opt-in to follow. These few things are but the tip of the iceberg in relation to functionality. No solution can promise improved communication but it is clear that SharePoint and Teams make the process easier than it has been before. 


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