Tomatin Distillery

Solution Description

Tomatin Distillery is a single malt Scottish whisky distillery based in the village of Tomatin in the Scottish Highlands. Established in 1897 it is known for its award winning range and was named Icon Whisky Scotland’s Distiller of the year 2016.

What Our Solution provided

Back Office Integration
Full Support Package
Point of Sale Integration

Scott Fraser – Regional Sales Manager

Tomatin Distillery were looking for a solution that would integrate with their existing back office software. After receiving a couple of proposals it was Monpellier’s expert product knowledge and in depth demonstration that sealed the deal.


Like most companies, making an investment in their IT solution, Tomatin wanted to make sure Monpellier were the right fit for their business. Scott Fraser, Regional Sales Manager from Tomatin explains his early thoughts.


”Our hesitations were making sure that the POS linked up with our back office software and we had a lot of problems with this in the past. Monpellier laid our worries to rest by demonstrating effectively and efficiently their KCPOS system.”


After becoming a customer in 2015 Tomatin Distillery have particularly enjoyed their Electronic Point of Sale system called KCPOS.

Before Monpellier installed the solution Tomatin had no idea how much it would change their daily processes. When asked if their perception of KCPOS had changed since purchase Scott said, ”It only gets better! We are always discovering (or remembering) certain functions that help us improve our service. Moreover, it is fast, efficient, easy to use and it links well to other software.”


Tomatin have now been a loyal customer for over thirteen months and Monpellier are pleased to see such a historic company continuing to excel in their field. When asked their overall thoughts on their first year with Monpellier Scott kindly said, ”the all-round package from Monpellier is fantastic! We get outstanding additional support and everything is explained so that we can understand it. There are no hidden messages or costs and everyone that we have dealt with has been a joy to work alongside.”