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Pegasus Service & Helpdesk Management

Pegasus Service & Helpdesk Management software helps you take care of after-sales service and retaining customers by giving you an overall picture of customer interaction and contracts.

Service & Helpdesk Management provides you with a detailed picture of quotes, orders, delivery, installation, service and billing. Customer calls, problems, change requests, instillation and preventative maintenance visits, can be logged against the relevant contract so that a full history is compiled and stored for easy access when needed.

Opera 3 Service & Helpdesk Management is full of clever ways to make your life easier, and keep customers happy.

Service & Helpdesk Management Highlights

Engineer and Resource Scheduling, with Skills and Service Area matching

Service Level Agreement (SLA ) Profiles and SLA monitoring

Fault Code analysis with comprehensive reporting capabilities

Worksheet Entry for recording and posting time, expenses, parts, consumables and requisitions

Contract Renewal and Warranty Expiry reporting with mail merge facilities

Summary Scheduler for a view of all calls, to allocate resources quickly and in bulk

Add and build up Components against Equipment items, which can be built into Service Kits

Integration with Costing to allow the calculated cost and revenue to be posted

Service Contracts processing with flexible billing periods and items

Integrates with remote tools such as PDAs, web interfaces and TomTom® Telematics

Generate Preventative Maintenance calls in bulk for equipment items to stay up to date

Integration with Sales Ledger, Sales Order Processing, Stock Control, Document Management and XRL