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Geoff Crosby – Finance Manager

“The charity has worked with Monpellier for over ten years now and in my opinion the service it provides is second to none. If we ever need to contact the help desk with an issue, whoever is on the desk that day is very responsive and always gets back to us very quickly with a solution to the problem. I’d rate them ten out of ten because we can rely on them to keep the business up and running. They’re always just a phone call away.


“There are many benefits to using Pegasus in our organisation. For one, the management information we get out of the system saves time and definitely saves money. If it wasn’t for Pegasus we’d have to employ a great deal of staff which would be costly.


“Pegasus does everything the charity needs and there isn’t a department that doesn’t use the software. It’s fully integrated across all departments, including the charity, garden center and two business centers.

“The garden centre use financial accounting software for sales and purchases, which is also linked to stock control and EPOS. It’s a big benefit to the business because it updates immediately and produces a clear sales analysis, allowing us to buy exactly the products we need.


“Other departments which use Pegasus include the printing business (Azure Printing) which predominantly use the sales and production control functions, and the landscapes department for invoicing and purchases.


“I’d definitely recommend Monpellier to anybody looking for accounting software or an EPOS system.”