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KC Dashboards

KC Dashboards is an exclusive feature of KCPOS, giving you real-time, on-demand business intelligence on any internet enabled device.

Sales Summary

• Stock Items – clearly see what your best performing stock items are today, from which outlet and check remaining inventory.

• Users – see who your best sales staff are, and how they perform each day with an automated report. Use this data to allocate resource more efficiently.

• Tills & Terminals – track performance across all of your POS units: tills, tablets or terminals to boost agility in increasing the average customer spend.

• Branches – at a glance see how all your locations are performing. Easily identify areas of growth and analyse under-performing sites.

Product Sales

• Best Sellers – visually reflect on your top 10 best selling products enabling you to forecast better for the coming years.

• Product Performance – analyse the performance of up to 5 products side-by-side to identify trends and affirm your purchasing decisions.

Other Dashboards

• Transactions – the transaction dashboard focuses on transaction volume and provides a detailed transaction report: volume by till or user for a specified date range to identify the busiest tills/employees in the store; report on reference, till, date, branch, value, etc.

• Customers – the customer dashboard builds a unique profile of transactions, average spend and collects valuable customer data for remarketing: customer addresses and contact details; customer account balance if sold on credit; review recent transactions, dates and frequency.

• Admissions – see daily footfall levels, compare against other periods and identify the busiest times of the day. Allocate staff resource correctly and forecast for seasonal change more effectively.

KC Dashboards Include:
Sales Summary
Product Sales
Customers and Adminssions

“Monpellier really made an effort to understand our business requirements and put a solution together, which not only fixed our problem, but also set us up for future IT developments. The development side of Monpellier can do so much more than any normal IT supplier can do in terms of bespoke packages.”

Adam Pritchard, Financial Director at Petti Rossi