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KC Back Office Accounts

KC Back Office has been designed for the retail environment and can handle multiple accounting periods (up to 52), allowing businesses to report on a weekly basis.

Items which have multiple descriptions and types, such as clothing, can be managed easily with a size/colour/style matrix which handles all of the variations an item may have. Stock which is purchased in larger units than it is sold (i.e. buy in crate, sell in packs or singles) can also be managed with the Split pack functionality. The ability to set minimum stock levels on any stock item also ensures that you never run out of stock when you need it.

Up to 52 accounting periods
Manage stock purchased and sold in different measurements (i.e. crates and packs)
Set minimum stock levels on any stock item
Manage products with multiple descriptions with a size/colour/style matrix
Integrates with weigh scales for items sold in loose weight
Centralise stock management and financial reporting
Use as a stand-alone accounts package or enhance your existing system