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Customer Relationship Management systems or CRM as they are more commonly known can be game changing when it comes to everyday processes. However, they can also be the cause of great stress and aggravation.


When used regularly and kept up to date CRM transforms businesses by increasing revenue and streamlining processes. But one issue a lot of companies have with CRM systems is bad data. How can you keep your CRM efficient and clean while keeping your team happy?


Follow these tips to get your CRM looking healthy.


  • Duplicates – The majority of CRM systems will match based on email address and or full names. But add an alternate email address or shorten John to Jonny and you suddenly have a whole mountain of duplicated or incomplete entries. Try running a report based on company name to spot these duplicates.


  • Spreadsheet – A lot of issues come from mass uploads. Prior to uploading large amounts of data take the time to cleanse it. Check for unnecessary fields, duplicates and information which isn’t relevant. This pre check will save you a lot of time down the line and keep your CRM clean.


  • Process – The biggest reason for a untidy CRM system is human error and in some cases, laziness. Create a straightforward data entry process that is known and followed by all that have access to the CRM. Check your fields and use drop down fields where possible to reduce multiple entries and error.


  • Status – Whatever system you use it is important that the contact’s status is kept up to date to ensure they get the right information at the right time. Whether the contact is a lead, prospect, opportunity, current customer, dormant or ex-customer it is essential they receive the right touch points for the stage of the customer journey they are on.



If these tips aren’t enough to pull your CRM around why not make an appointment with one of our specialists. Monpellier specialise in solving software issues and implementing a solution that works for your business. This includes bespoke options to match your daily processes!


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