Finding it hard to convert leads and engage customers? See how a CRM can help  

Keeping track of customer details is a challenge as your business grows. Your sales process becomes more inefficient as your team is forced to wade between Excel spreadsheets and repeating tedious tasks. CRM software helps your business manage customer information and relationships. It assists in all the areas of the customer journey from marketing and sales to customer services while streamlining administrative processes.  

How can a CRM system help you?  


Marketing can help you create personalised customer experiences across all touchpoints to strengthen relationships.  

A good CRM allows you to interact with customers in real-time using live data about transactions, behaviours and demographics. You can use this information to create effective marketing campaigns for your business by highlighting how your products or services fulfil specific needs or retarget specific customers. 

It should also show which stage the lead is in, whether they are just inquiring or almost converting to a customer. Knowing this empowers your team to make the correct decision on how to approach each lead. 


With a CRM, you can optimise your sales process to give your customers a stress-free experience.  

It can connect with eCommerce product data forming the core of your business. This enables you to group products into categories making it easier for your sales team to find information quickly when a customer contacts you.  

Some CRM systems can even generate documents with all the product lines from a customer’s enquiry email or give you the ability to create your own template for documents such as quotes, proposals and pricing. This saves you time and effort because there is no need to create them each time a lead goes through the customer journey.  

Looking to pull reports? A CRM solution collects data about the performance of your sales team. You can drill down and see how many leads were converted or the number of cases solved. This will help you keep on track of your wider goals.  

Customer Service  

The customer journey doesn’t stop after the purchasing stage, a good CRM solution can help turn them into loyal customers through case handling features.  

CRM’s can often create a case when a customer contacts the business and provide information regarding past interactions, quotes, orders and invoices all at your fingertips. This gives a complete picture of the customer, so the sales team knows all the details before the interaction.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a modular solution allowing you to focus on your needs and expand as your business grows. Dynamics 365 Sales module helps the sales team build strong relationships while the customer service module empowers your team to provide excellent customer service. 

If you want more information about Dynamics 365, click HERE to find out more.  

If you need help in choosing your CRM or want more information about how your business can use it, contact us HERE and Monpellier will be happy to help.  


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