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Three areas Pegasus CIS can help your construction business 

Manage your employees, stock and reporting with Pegasus CIS  

Managing your construction finances and contractors can be challenging, add to that a lack of skilled workers, increased material costs and the pressure to adopt modern methods of construction, and your business could be at boiling point.  

Contract costing solutions such as Pegasus CIS can help with all aspects of contracting while following HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme.  

Monpellier will explore three areas CIS can help your construction projects.  

Manage your employees, contractors, and subcontractors  

You may want to employ a contractor on top of your usual employees or even a subcontractor for your construction project. You can see their working contracts, timesheets and their payment terms all within CIS to make sure monthly return reports are correct to avoid penalties.   

It also has a subcontractor ledger that includes the requirement from HMRC Construction Industry Scheme. It can verify subcontractors manually or automatically. After verification, Pegasus CIS recognises if they are paid in net or gross.  

Manage your stock  

Pegasus CIS allows you to see and manage your entire stock from all your warehouses. You can reserve stock for an upcoming project and set a period to deliver stock to the site which helps with project timings. Everyone can see the all the information regarding stock meaning fewer mix ups and saving time.

Along with this function, it automatically manages your finances. Relevant cost of the stock will be given to that project including VAT, storage holding cost etc.  

All these functions are managed within the Pegasus CIS Stock Control module.  

Manage your reporting  

You can export data to Microsoft Excel with Pegasus XRL saving time over manual data entry. This also allows you to further analyse and create graphical representations to understand the data better. 

The Pegasus XRL function appears on Excel as a button within the main menu banner. Clicking on this will activate the XRL wizard suggesting bespoke reports and analysis so you can create detailed reports about projects. 

These are just three areas in which Pegasus CIS can help your construction projects run smoother. If you want more details about the functions of Pegasus CIS, please follow the link HERE  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us HERE and we will be happy to help  



Transform your manufacturing processes with Power BI

Top 5 ways to improve efficiency and management with Microsoft Power BI 

Manufacturers are facing increasing costs so many organisations are looking to Industry 4.0 and other ways to increase productivity and help mitigate rising costs. Data management tools such as Power BI can help accelerate productivity by giving your business access to insightful data, giving you the means to make impactful decisions.  

Monpellier has gathered together our top 5 reasons Power BI can transform your manufacturing process.  

1. Inventory Management 

Inventory management is at the heart of every manufacturing business. With the use of inventory codes and material locations, Power BI gives your manufacturing business insight into a multitude of data including quantities, stock arrival times, storage availability and information on stock that hasn’t moved in prolonged periods of time.  

2. AI  

Power BI ‘s AI predictive modelling helps with project timings and efficient production line management. Input past service records of all machines into the database and Power BI can use AI to predict the next scheduled maintenance, saving time and money. 

3. Project Management  

Monitor when tasks are completed to keep track of progression through various stages of production and get notified about unexpected delays. Use past project times, the materials used, machines used, staff involved alongside AI modelling to predict project times. 

4. Cash Flow Visualisation 

Connect sales and cost data to create various charts to understand where costs arise and potential areas that could be reviewed to reduce costs.  

5. Equipment Monitoring  

Machine maintenance and downtime can be costly. With IoT sensors and Microsoft Power BI manufacturers can analyse the live feeds and update the correct people with possible issues and ultimately give more accurate utilisation results.  

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