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Boost your customer experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365  

Three ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 can enhance customer experience   

Customer experience is how customers perceive their interaction with a company. A good customer experience means positive, memorable interactions. While all businesses aim for a good customer experience, tailoring specific adverts and interactions can mean the difference between customers choosing your company and choosing a competitor.  

Here are Monpellier’s tips on how Dynamics 365 can boost your customer journey at every point.  


Understanding Customers  

Understanding your customer is the first step to providing excellent service. Many customers will interact with your advertisements, social media posts and email newsletter. By tracking and storing their data such as demographics, interests, and parts of the website they have visited, you can deliver a personalised customer experience.  

For example, if the data reveals they are interested in a certain topic, then you can tailor your newsletter or content to cover it. Doing this makes the customer feel understood and cared for resulting in a higher chance of a conversion.  

Microsoft dynamics 365 gathers data from multiple sources allowing businesses to create individual profiles for all customers. Gain insights into their interest, and past interactions, and tailor your marketing methods to specific people.  


Market At the Right Time  

There are many reasons why an audience may leave after adding a product to a basket. Finding out the reasons is part of optimising the customer journey but retargeting the audience can push them to buy.  

For example, if a customer viewed a product but decided to buy, as a marketer, you may send them a follow-up advert. Another way to retarget is to send an automated email with a special discount (if they are signed up to receive marketing materials).  

You can create and automate email campaigns on Dynamics 365. It features a low code/no-code platform so anyone can design and automate emails such as welcome emails, retargeting emails, and newsletters. Add dynamic text such as the recipient’s name to personalise the email. Create different segments to market to the most relevant audience in your email list. 


Effective Communication  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the bonus of Virtual Agents. Virtual Agents uses chatbots to handle easy-to-answer questions to help speed up response times and free up your support staff for more complicated enquires. Dynamics 365 provides context with past contacts and current issues for the live agent. Live agents can make use of the transcript for instant reference and seamlessly connect with colleagues for further support without leaving the call. 

Customer experience is essential for business success and reputation. With the extensive features of Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business can better understand your customers throughout the customer cycle stages, guiding them at each point.  

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