Enhance your eCommerce with Shopify and Microsoft Business Central 

A Shopify connection is now available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This connection allows complete visibility of your entire business in one place.  

What is Shopify 

Shopify is an eCommerce cloud-based solution using the software as a service model that businesses can use to create online stores for your website or for your POS system. You can manage your product listings, inventory, payments and shipping from anywhere if you have an internet connection. So why should businesses have Shopify connected to Business central? 

Benefits of connecting with Business Central 


You can synchronise customer details improving visibility into their order history, order status, billing and payments. Since Business Central has a CRM function, you can log and track interactions with all customers, so you understand your customers even better. 


You can enlist various products in Business Central and Shopify will display them on your eCommerce store. Manage data such as images, descriptions, variants, prices and more for all your products and further processing of essential documents in Business Central 


You can synchronise and fulfil all Shopify web orders no matter if customers are registered or a guest. View all the details of the customer’s order in Business Central, including address, product and quantity, payment options, shipping method and more. Input tracking numbers and automatically update the order status to inform customers of the progress. 

Connection with Business Central 

Shopify is available only for Business Central online and not on-premise deployment. The app will be preinstalled for new customers, but existing customers can install the app from the AppSource. 

There isn’t any need to separate your online store from the rest of your business. With this new connection, you can run your processes from one place with access anytime and anywhere.  

For more information on this feature or any other Business Central questions, contact us today and Monpellier will be happy to help. 


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