Why Monpellier

We had decided to move our general IT support contract away from an existing supplier, but the new company could not support our specialised finance software. We therefore had the choice of leaving Opera/CIS support with our old supplier or looking elsewhere

Solution Provided

Pegasus CIS & Opera 3
Complete Support
Onsite Training


We needed a credible IT support partner who we could rely on. Monpellier’s helpdesk support is provided by a local team of trusted individuals who offer real value for money.’’


Did you have any hesitations before buying from Monpellier? And if so what helped you overcome them?

‘’The main concerns were; 1) were they able to provide the support we’d need and 2) would we be able to work with them. Number 1 was easily answered as we found that Monpellier was named on Pegasus’ own website as the North East’s trusted supplier.


Once we spoke to Tom at Monpellier we found that they employed individuals we have worked well with in the past – we knew the staff were professional and well-trained from our previous dealings with them.’’


Talk us through your processes

‘’UK Land Estates owns and operates industrial property throughout the North East of England and across the UK.  We have over 1300 tenants and approximately 20million square feet of property which is rented out to tenants and maintained and run by us. We also own a number of development sites and have a great track record of delivering new and refurbished property across the region.

The group structure is split into a number of companies including a joint venture with our partner, Northwood.  It’s essential that we have a reliable and sophisticated accounts package like Opera to make sure we can report on, and run, the business effectively.


We could not manage without Opera. All of our finance processes are automated from invoice processing to producing the data that board reports are based on. The ability to use cost centres means we can report on individual estates separately (if we need to) and also the ability to have a number of companies in Opera reflects our way of working. Lastly the link to CIS means we can track big capital projects and automatically feed the details through to Opera.’’


What are the benefits of working with Monpellier?

‘’Monpellier are based just down the road.  The friendly and professional helpdesk team are always ready to resolve any query or come out to our offices to help us.’’


Describe your favourite customer service experience?

‘’Monpellier have always delivered the service they promised.  I am very pleased with the dealings we’ve had so far and the accounts staff have nothing but praise for them.’’