Edwin Thompson

Solution Description

Edwin Thompson is a multi-disciplined firm of Chartered Surveyors operating throughout the UK. The firm had been using Sage 50 for a number of years before requiring the expertise and assistance of Monpellier when the time came to upgrade to Sage 200.

What Our Solution provided

Data Migration
On-site Training
Sage 50 to Sage 200 Upgrade

Rebecca Howes – Accounts Manager

“We have around three hundred and sixty bank accounts that we manage on behalf of our clients, which involve a range of accounting tasks such as paying invoices, collecting money, rent service charges, VAT returns, preparing financial accounts and paying contractor bills.


The company is divided up into several different departments including; Rural, Commercial, Residential and Forestry. We therefore needed a reliable accounts system which would integrate with the whole organisation and allow each department to log on and create their own customer accounts and projects.


We started working with Monpellier in early 2013 after Sage 50 became slow due to the large number of transactions we were producing on a daily basis.


I was recommended Monpellier from an IT consultant who said the Sales Director, Tom Cram, was a really lovely guy who offers honest and reliable advice on IT software. I initially obtained three quotes from various other companies but Monpellier stood out because they were very personable. Unlike the other companies, they came out to meet us which showed that they were interested in our business. They were very professional and thorough, and listened to what we need and advised accordingly. Because Edwin Thompson is a family run company, we’re all about being personable and Monpellier had that. Tom and Nick (Tom Cram Sales Director and Nick Bevan Business Software Consultant at Monpellier) made it a very friendly and personable experience and that’s what matters in business.


They spent time getting to know the firm and what we needed the new system to do.

Once they had the information required, Tom and Nick came and demonstrated how both Sage 200 and Pegasus Opera 3 would work for our business. They didn’t put any pressure on us and let us make the final decision.


Because we were already using Sage 50 we decided to upgrade to Sage 200 due to the reporting capabilities, the ability to prepare batch transactions and the project accounting features included.


The installation process went as smoothly as possible. Nick held our hand throughout the whole procedure by providing full training to the accounts department. He put us at a position in which we could comfortably pass on our knowledge to other staff. He was onsite for a few days after the installation and helped out with setting up reports, supplier remittance advice and invoices. He catered the software to our needs and developed it into a much better system than we had prior to the support of Monpellier.


I’d certainly recommend Monpellier to other companies. The whole team have been great throughout the process. We’re able to pick up the phone when needed and they will resolve issues instantaneously no matter how demanding or difficult our requests are.


Because of Monpellier we’ve saved time and increased productivity and efficiency. As a result, Edwin Thompson has a lot more capabilities and the future is looking bright.”


Tomatin Distillery

Solution Description

Tomatin Distillery is a single malt Scottish whisky distillery based in the village of Tomatin in the Scottish Highlands. Established in 1897 it is known for its award winning range and was named Icon Whisky Scotland’s Distiller of the year 2016.

What Our Solution provided

Back Office Integration
Full Support Package
Point of Sale Integration

Scott Fraser – Regional Sales Manager

Tomatin Distillery were looking for a solution that would integrate with their existing back office software. After receiving a couple of proposals it was Monpellier’s expert product knowledge and in depth demonstration that sealed the deal.


Like most companies, making an investment in their IT solution, Tomatin wanted to make sure Monpellier were the right fit for their business. Scott Fraser, Regional Sales Manager from Tomatin explains his early thoughts.


”Our hesitations were making sure that the POS linked up with our back office software and we had a lot of problems with this in the past. Monpellier laid our worries to rest by demonstrating effectively and efficiently their KCPOS system.”


After becoming a customer in 2015 Tomatin Distillery have particularly enjoyed their Electronic Point of Sale system called KCPOS.

Before Monpellier installed the solution Tomatin had no idea how much it would change their daily processes. When asked if their perception of KCPOS had changed since purchase Scott said, ”It only gets better! We are always discovering (or remembering) certain functions that help us improve our service. Moreover, it is fast, efficient, easy to use and it links well to other software.”


Tomatin have now been a loyal customer for over thirteen months and Monpellier are pleased to see such a historic company continuing to excel in their field. When asked their overall thoughts on their first year with Monpellier Scott kindly said, ”the all-round package from Monpellier is fantastic! We get outstanding additional support and everything is explained so that we can understand it. There are no hidden messages or costs and everyone that we have dealt with has been a joy to work alongside.”


Petti Rossi

Solution Description

Petti Rossi is a wholesale supplier who offer a large range of high quality home and garden products to retailers. The company required the expertise of Monpellier to control stock and process sales at trade shows with the use of a remote access EPOS system

Our Solution provided

Bespoke Work
Complete Support Solution
Virtual & Onsite Training

Adam Pritchard Financial Director

“We met the team at Monpellier and they ticked all of our boxes. Their expertise and product knowledge were excellent. For someone who works in sales, Tom knows the products extremely well from a technical point of view, yet has the ability to explain specifications in plain English.


The whole team at Monpellier are really easy to get along with and they treat us like partners, rather than another customer. They really made an effort to understand our business requirements and put a solution together, which not only fixed our problem, but also set us up for future IT developments.

The development side of Monpellier can do so much more than any normal IT suppliers can do for you in terms of bespoke packages.


Monpellier also offer great IT support. If I ever have an issue, which is very rarely, I call up Nick and he’ll get back to me within half an hour, which is crucial when you have an IT problem.


The ethos of the team combined with the knowledge and ability is why we chose Monpellier.”


The Outward Bound Trust

Solution Description

The Outward Bound Trust was founded in 1941 and is an educational charity that uses the outdoors to help develop young people from all walks of life. To date the trust has helped over a million people with their outdoor learning experiences. Outward Bound were looking for a trusted Pegasus supplier when they approached Monpellier.

What Our Solution provided

Pegasus Opera 3
Full Support Package
Onsite Training

Ruth McCooey – Head of Finance

‘’We originally chose Monpellier as they were a locally approved Opera support team. In addition to this I had also worked previously with some of the team members and had no hesitation in recommending their capabilities to my current employer.


The best thing about working with Monpellier is that the staff are always helpful and quick at resolving issues. They are so much more than a voice at the end of a phone. Monpellier are always willing to visit us, provide training over the phone or onsite as well as continuously giving us useful help with our finance functions.’’


Monpellier are always working with our clients to ensure continuous advancement. This often involves getting to understand our clients processes so that we can make their lives easier and more efficient.

In the case of The Outward Bound Trust Monpellier went on site to conduct a half a day session to see the staff and talk through how they currently use their Opera system. Tracey commented that, ‘’whether wrestling with a way of reporting something or a better way of doing a process the Monpellier team will often come up with an easy solution.’’

Many companies are surprised when shown the endless capabilities and integration of Opera 3 and The Outward Bound Trust were no different. Tracy explained that, ‘’the functionality of Opera and the ability to manipulate the data from it has developed in leaps and bounds in the last few years, extracting data into excel and copying and pasting from the program has never been easier.’’


UK Land Estates

Why Monpellier

We had decided to move our general IT support contract away from an existing supplier, but the new company could not support our specialised finance software. We therefore had the choice of leaving Opera/CIS support with our old supplier or looking elsewhere

Solution Provided

Pegasus CIS & Opera 3
Complete Support
Onsite Training


We needed a credible IT support partner who we could rely on. Monpellier’s helpdesk support is provided by a local team of trusted individuals who offer real value for money.’’


Did you have any hesitations before buying from Monpellier? And if so what helped you overcome them?

‘’The main concerns were; 1) were they able to provide the support we’d need and 2) would we be able to work with them. Number 1 was easily answered as we found that Monpellier was named on Pegasus’ own website as the North East’s trusted supplier.


Once we spoke to Tom at Monpellier we found that they employed individuals we have worked well with in the past – we knew the staff were professional and well-trained from our previous dealings with them.’’


Talk us through your processes

‘’UK Land Estates owns and operates industrial property throughout the North East of England and across the UK.  We have over 1300 tenants and approximately 20million square feet of property which is rented out to tenants and maintained and run by us. We also own a number of development sites and have a great track record of delivering new and refurbished property across the region.

The group structure is split into a number of companies including a joint venture with our partner, Northwood.  It’s essential that we have a reliable and sophisticated accounts package like Opera to make sure we can report on, and run, the business effectively.


We could not manage without Opera. All of our finance processes are automated from invoice processing to producing the data that board reports are based on. The ability to use cost centres means we can report on individual estates separately (if we need to) and also the ability to have a number of companies in Opera reflects our way of working. Lastly the link to CIS means we can track big capital projects and automatically feed the details through to Opera.’’


What are the benefits of working with Monpellier?

‘’Monpellier are based just down the road.  The friendly and professional helpdesk team are always ready to resolve any query or come out to our offices to help us.’’


Describe your favourite customer service experience?

‘’Monpellier have always delivered the service they promised.  I am very pleased with the dealings we’ve had so far and the accounts staff have nothing but praise for them.’’



Quality Water Specialists

Solution Description

The company was using Sage 50 for many years but because it was growing quickly and processing a huge amount of transactions daily it had pushed the system to the limit and the company needed to switch to Sage 200.

Our Solution provided

Sage 50 to Sage 200
Data Migration
Full Support

Richard Warren Director at Quality Water

Monpellier shined at looking at our current situation and took a much more mature approach.


“Through clever questioning by Tom, we were able to articulate our requirements…essentially, how we wanted it to work. Tom sat, listened, and then came back to us with a complete solution which met our needs, rather than give us a package that came from a box.


“The installation period was painless. Nick managed the process from start to finish in a timely manner. We didn’t lose down time or business, and were able to maintain our usual level of customer service.

“I’d certainly recommend Monpellier to anyone looking to switch from Sage 50 to Sage 200. It’s clear in their professionalism that they’ve done this so many times before. You need a provider like Monpellier who will listen, has excellent product knowledge and the ability to plan. They don’t rush things for the sake of sales.


“Our company has been able to move forward thanks to Monpellier. They have done a fantastic job for us.”


Azure Charitable Enterprises

Solution Description

Our Solution provided

Opera 2 to Opera 3 Upgrade
EPOS Solution
Full Support

Geoff Crosby – Finance Manager

“The charity has worked with Monpellier for over ten years now and in my opinion the service it provides is second to none. If we ever need to contact the help desk with an issue, whoever is on the desk that day is very responsive and always gets back to us very quickly with a solution to the problem. I’d rate them ten out of ten because we can rely on them to keep the business up and running. They’re always just a phone call away.


“There are many benefits to using Pegasus in our organisation. For one, the management information we get out of the system saves time and definitely saves money. If it wasn’t for Pegasus we’d have to employ a great deal of staff which would be costly.


“Pegasus does everything the charity needs and there isn’t a department that doesn’t use the software. It’s fully integrated across all departments, including the charity, garden center and two business centers.

“The garden centre use financial accounting software for sales and purchases, which is also linked to stock control and EPOS. It’s a big benefit to the business because it updates immediately and produces a clear sales analysis, allowing us to buy exactly the products we need.


“Other departments which use Pegasus include the printing business (Azure Printing) which predominantly use the sales and production control functions, and the landscapes department for invoicing and purchases.


“I’d definitely recommend Monpellier to anybody looking for accounting software or an EPOS system.”



Why Monpellier?

We initially chose Monpellier as they demonstrated competitive pricing and excellent product and technical knowledge. The team are also really easy to deal with allowing us to focus on our day to day business without a worry

Solution Provided

Pegasus Opera 3 Tailoring
Complete Support Package


After working with Monpellier for over 20 years their friendly, can do attitude really stands out.  And although they might not know the answer there and then they always find out and resolve your query. Monpellier have also completed most updates out of hours in order to meet our needs.”


Do you currently have system import and export routines in place. Could you talk us through how that helps your processes?

”Automation of information via order import routines and bespoke reporting has made operatives more productive and reduced errors as a result of not having to re key information into the system or spend a long time manually extrapolating and assessing data. As Monpellier have taken the hassle out of this by precise implementation we have been able to focus on our core business.  Such automation has definitely helped us grow our customer base by offering a quicker customer experience.”


What are the three biggest benefits of working with us and using Opera?

”Opera is a tried and tested product which we have used for over 20 years. It has a simple user interface and is very quick and easy to learn.

For Metroplan the ability to create bespoke options tailored to suit our needs and the optional modules for reordering make Opera the perfect fit.


Having a hosted server with Monpelier gives us peace of mind. Knowing that our day to day running and back ups are safe and that there is no capital investment or worry of equipment, hardware and software becoming obsolete.  When the building flooded in December 2015 it was one less thing to worry about over and above damaged stock and soggy carpets.


There are many reasons to choose Monpellier but for us it has to be customer service. The support team have helped us on multiple occasions and each time has been a fantastic experience.”


Murray Farmcare

Solution Description

Murray Farmcare, established in 1975 is a leading UK farm care supplier.

Murray Farmcare were looking for a local Pegasus partner to provide support to their Opera 3 system when they initially met with the Monpellier team.

Our Solution provided

Pegasus Opera 3
Full Software Support
Sage Data Migration
Report Training for XRL

Ian Cairns – Murray Farmcare

‘’Our company has been using Opera 3 for several years and needed to find new, local support.  We had benefited from and been impressed by the help of Ray Walton in his previous company and since he is the MD of Monpellier I had confidence in choosing Monpellier.

After over 2 years with Monpellier I have found the company to be efficient in dealing with a number of questions from our Opera users and also in providing suggestions on how we can take advantage of the power of the program to improve the efficiency of our procedures.’’

Like most Pegasus user’s Murray Farmcare use XRL reporting.

‘’We heavily use Opera reporter and I have received training in XRL which is now often our preferred option. My use of XRL is a learning process and I often have to call on Monpellier when a new problem arises.  I always get a pleasant response when phoning Monpellier and our problems can be dealt with successfully by staff at both Carlisle and Newcastle.’’

Monpellier are able to adapt and grow as your business does. For example, Murray Farmcare recently took over a small hygiene company.

‘’We recently took over another company which sold hygiene products and used Sage 50. It was necessary  to transfer the Sage records into Opera to be incorporated into our existing business.  Monpellier extracted the required data from Sage and enabled us to organise and edit it in Excel and convert it into  a form suitable for importing into Opera using both Opera Import and FoxPro. The new Hygiene department required new delivery note and invoice designs and these were efficiently provided by Monpellier.

In summary, our experience has been that Monpellier has been knowledgeable and helpful in dealing with Opera 3 and XRL and has been active and capable when unusual problems are met.’’