Cloud-based solutions – How to protect your data

Security is one of the main reasons businesses are hesitant to move to a cloud-based solution. In 2021 IT Governance reviewed which sectors had the most data breaches and the two biggest culprits were Healthcare/ Health Sciences and the Public sector. But no sector was safe! So, as we continue to store more and more data in the cloud what steps can be taken to maximise security?  

Here are our top 3 features to look for when choosing your cloud solution. 



Encryption is one of the oldest yet most effective ways to increase security. Encryption scrambles the transmitted data in a way that only authorised devices can understand the information. The set of rules to scramble the message is called a key and given to those authorised devices to understand the encrypted message.  

Encryption is effective because even though a cybercriminal can “listen” to the messages transmitted between devices, they cannot understand the message itself. 


Access levels and permissions 

Security threats do not just come from outside your business, employees can also be a threat. Although there is a lower chance of employees accidentally accessing sensitive data such as customer details and other employees’ details, prevention is better than a cure.  

You can reduce the risk of employees accessing sensitive data by having dedicated security roles within your business.  


Multifactor authentication 

Multifactor Authentication is a more secure way of confirming your identity rather than simply using a username and password. There are three common kinds of factor: 

  • Something you know – Like a password, or a memorized PIN.  
  • Something you have – Like a smartphone, or a secure USB key.  
  • Something you are – Like a fingerprint, or facial recognition. 


Next Steps 

All the cloud solutions Monpellier offer come with an array of security measures as standard. To discuss the cloud-based solutions we offer or understand the security measures mentioned further please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation with one of our solution experts HERE 

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